Summer 2005 Photo's, Page 1

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Rockwell's RSTech Ed (June 2005)- This year Rockwell is back in Orlando for their big technical conference.  It is attended by over 1100 people.  The number of rental pc's we set up was amazing.

I catch up with my friend, Phil.

I'm staying at the Portifino.

Madeira Car Show (26 June 2005)- We have a warm Sunday in June for the annual car show.  Some great cars to go and look at.

I've never seen a car with a shifter in the dash.

This was my favorite, a purple hotrod

Madeira 4th July Parade (30 June 2005)- The annual parade was pretty good this year, but I was disappointed the Shriners were missing in their little cars.

The police and fire departments always start the parade.

The children enjoy walking in the parade as well as throwing candy.  

After the parade it is down to the park for the fireworks.  They put on a pretty good show with great weather.

Fire Pit (2 July 2005)- Everyone needs a fire pit on a cool summer night.

I have a little fun with the camera.  A long exposure shot that I pose for about half the time of the exposure in two different places.

that's all!

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