Spring 2005 Photo's

Gray Country Wind Farm (14 Apr 2005)- Dad is in the hospital in Dodge City.  During a break period mom and I run over to Montezuma, Kansas to the wind farm.  I have been looking forward to the chance to see the wind turbines up close. 

They are 30 stories tall, weight 209 tons, tower is 14 feet in diameter, blades length is 44 feet, rotor diameter is 154 feet, 

and the rotor spins at 28.5 revolutions per minute.

Mom's red bud tree is blooming.  These remind me of Kansas State University in the spring as they had lots of red bud trees.

Mullinville Highway Art (23 Apr 2005)- Along highway 154 on the west edge of Mullinville, there is a bizarre collection of what is best described as "kinetic art".  Wind powered objects twirl and dance.  The sign in the photo says:

KANSAS 67109
TEL 620-548-2597

He does some of them for fun, and some are politically driven.

Notice the names on some of them.  Some of them: Ford County Sheriff Arlyn Leaming, UFO Pilot, 

The 16th district judge, Van Z Hampton passing judgments is the lightening bolt of Zeus?

A Day in Park (8 May 2005)- Mom and I need a break from the hospital routine.  We are now in Kansas City with dad.  We take a day out with my nephew and brother in law.  It is a nice spring day.

There is park near Olathe that is great.  They have quite a bit of old farm equipment as part of the decor of the park.  Below is an old combine.

Tractor and a baler.

This is a replica Indian Lodge.

They have a few animals to look at in the park.

And some practical stuff.  It is a hand pump, just like it used to be done.

Hey, who doesn't want to be a backhoe operator?

The slide is always a fun place.

Mom and Ryan take a break.

Paul's Graduation (21 May 2005)- Mom and I are now in Colby with dad in the hospital there.  We run over and see Paul's high school graduation on a very hot saturday.

Back in Cincinnati in June, my rose bush looks great.

that's all!