Fall 2004 Photo's

Fall Colors (October 2005)- I was concerned that the fall colors were going to be rather less than colorful as we have had such a dry autumn.  The last week the colors have really come on strong.  But, it has been raining a lot this weekend so I'm sure some of the great trees will be washed out.  The sun did come out for a bit on Saturday so I made it out and shot a few trees in the neighborhood.

Cincinnati Bengals versus Texas (October 2005)- The neighbors all went down to the Bengals game.  We had the warm up beers tailgating.

For those that come down every week there is quite the bus system to bring you down to the game and tailgate.

Wuppertal, German (October 2005)- I am teaching a class in Wuppertal, Germany.  Nice village.

They have a "subway" system that is a suspended train.  Kind of different.

London (October 2005)- I stopped by London and saw some friends on the way home from Germany.  They skyline of big Ben is still quite distinct.

They have cats that run up and down the river to move people from different parts of London.

At the Tate Gallery they have some modern art exhibits.  Some of them are, well different!

Soho is still neon city at night.

They had the Christmas lights up - they are certainly in full shopping season.  With no Thanksgiving in the way of traditions they can jump into the season early!

Automation Fair (November 2005)- That time of year again.  Automation Fair for Rockwell is in St. Louis.  Below is the Rockwell Software booth.

Don, Lloyd and Gretchen - we worked the batch suite pedestal for the show.

I had a view of the arch out my window, so had to take pictures in the mornings and evenings.

that's all!