USA news site

News from England

The Drudge report, special news updated plus links to all major news sites. A site listing major headlines across papers from all voer.  A great hit to find out what is going on in the world!


Finanical markets

Best trend / graphing site I've seen with financial plotting.


On line travel agency

On line travel agency

State department, information about requirements and state of countries you might be visiting.

Myrna James world travels site.

An amazing story of a chap I worked with in England.  He attempts to ride a motorcycle from across the desert.  It's an excellent story of near death survival!

ART National Gallery The Louvre in Paris Smithsonian Detroit Institute of Art National Gallery in London Gallery in St. Petersburg
Other A great photographer located in Cincinnati. Web site for the 150th anniversary of America's Cup.  Some great boats - see the gallery photo's.