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Hello and welcome to Don's Page.  First time here and you are asking who is Don?  For some back ground or to see pictures of my new house go to Don's Story.  If you would like to see some of my travels, go to my travels page (most popular is my backpacking trip through Asia), or if you are interested in some of my favorite links, go to the links page..

Don's Rants and Raves page - sometime you just have to sound off about it!

New Pages:

Gerald Smith update - Updates on my fathers progress on recovering from his stroke.
Event Count Down / Count up timer.  I wanted something to run as a on screen countdown timer.  I could not find anything on the web, so I wrote my own.  This little application will display a countdown timer to the event and then display the time since the event passed.  It stores the date, time and display caption in a ini file in the same directory that you put the application.  Use it to count down to weddings, birthdays or other big days.  To get it, right click on here and do a save as to save it to your pc.
Fall 2005 - The Fall Colors are hear; Cincinnati Bengals game; Germany and London Trip; Automation Fair.
Fire Flies Summer 2005 - During the summer months we all enjoy seeing the fire flies in our yards.  I have been trying to take a picture of them at night, come see some of my pictures.
Summer 2005 Page 1 - I'm off to TechEd in Orlando; the Madeira Car Show; The Madeira 4th of July parade and fireworks; and fun with my fire pit.

Summer 2005 page 2  - Laurel Lake and HouseBoat Trip; Kansas City for work; Wichita County Fair

Spring 2005 - The wind turbines at the Gray Country wind farm; mom's red bud tree in bloom; Highway Art along highway 154 on the west edge of Mullinville, Kansas; A Day in the Park; Paul's Graduation; and my rose bush in bloom
Jesus is Lord, Mary Pray for Us - something to help you with your prayers


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